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Theme 2: Bible and literature - reception and transformation

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Theme 2: Bible and literature - reception and transformation.

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  • David Bugge : Karen Blixen's reuse of biblical narratives with special emphasis on the role played by the Bible in defining the norms of literature.

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  • Iben Damgaard : Hermeneutics and Kierkegaard’s rewriting of biblical narratives.
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  • Laura Feldt : Fantastic strategies in religious narrativity and in fantasy literature.
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  • Ole Juul : Martin A. Hansen's influence on Heretica
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  • Marie Vejrup Nielsen : Two global narratives of human nature: Christian doctrine of sin in dialogue with evolutionary biology.
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  • Johannes Nissen : The Bible as norm and the use of the Bible in the practical-theological disciplines.
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  • Sanne Thøisen: Biblical text, reading and speaking.
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