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Research priority area Religion and Normativity

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Contact information

The research priority area "Religion and normativity"
Faculty of Theology
University of Aarhus
Taasingegade 3
DK-8000 Aarhus C 

Tel.: +45 8942 1111
Fax: +45 8613 0490

E-mail: fokus@teo.au.dk

General coordinator: Kirsten Nielsen, professor. Tel.: +45 8942 2253, e-mail: kn@teo.au.dk.

Research secretary and webeditor: Anne-Grethe Jørgensen Dion, administrative officer, MA. Tel.: +45 8942 2263, e-mail: ajd@teo.au.dk.

Conference secretary: Marlene Jessen, administrative officer. Tel.: +45 8942 2262, e-mail: maj@teo.au.dk.

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